Large Animal Services

Your herd's health is important to us.


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We offer services for both beef and dairy herds.

Small Ruminant and Camelid


We are happy to see your goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas!

Services offered


Herd Health

Keeping your animals in the best health possible ensures the best return on your investment.  Routine vaccinations, de-worming, de-horning, and castrations help keep your herd in tip-top shape.


Pregnancy confirmation and staging, dystocias, and post-calving health checks for both cow and calf ensure all are healthy and stay that way.

Lameness and Hoof Care

Lameness in cattle can severely impact their weight gain and overall health.  Treating lameness promptly minimizes losses.

Emergency and Sick Work

Treating sick cows promptly helps prevent contagions from spreading through your herd, and gives the best chance at a full recovery.

Health Certificates for Travel and Sale

USDA health certificates and Bang's vaccine certification. 

Phone Consultations

Have a quick question about your herd?  Our vets are happy to talk with current clients about their herd health and offer suggestions for improvements in their programs.